MembersUseful Forms

Useful Forms

Membership application forms, time sheets, landout slips, medical forms and barograph certificates

EW Baro Calibration Certificates

The club's EW flight recorder barographs are periodically calibrated in order to meet requirements for badge flight claims. You need to send in a copy of the barograph calibration certificate when you make a badge claim involving height.

Landout slips

Carry a landout slip with you whenever you fly cross country so you can be sure to collect the property owner information so they get invited to the annual Landout BBQ. When completed, put the slip into the box on the bar.

Medical Declaration Form and Notes

Everything you and your GP need to know about your gliding medical declaration, plus the form that needs to be signed by your GP and a copy sent to the Club CFI. Find these forms on the Gliding NZ website at

Membership Form



Time sheets for temporary recording activity at the launch point if the computer breaks down or is unavailable. The information must be entered into the computer when it becomes available.