Procedures & Rules

Gridding Procedures

Flying at Piako is getting busier, with more gliders than ever wanting to get into the air. A great problem to have! These procedures are aimed to help streamline operations especially on busy days.


  1. Please make a booking, so it’s clear if it’s going to be busy, and we can contact you.
  2. Booking times are NOT launch times. The times are just indicative when you’re aiming to be ready to go. 
  3. If the bookings are busy, don’t plan to do checkrides or circuits during the main launch rush, usually starting around 11:30. Do them earlier or later in the day.

On Runway 28:

  1. Don’t drive a glider down in front of the tow plane about to launch. Wait up by hangars. Best time to drive down is immediately after a launch.
  2. If you’re half way down the runway, and the tow plane is about to launch, keep going to get out of the way. Don’t try and stop half way down or squeeze over by the fence. (Tow pilots: don’t tow with anyone half way down the runway).
  3. Avoid squeezing gliders between gridded gliders and the caravan. Drive around the grid after checking for landing traffic.
  4. Tip: Get as ready as you can before towing down, so you can grid immediately on arrival and be ready to go.

On Runway 10:

  1. Ensure caravan is parked beside the clubhouse fence.
  2. Don’t block the ramp area up to the Matamata Aeroclub.
  3. Leave room for taxiing aircraft.


  1. The launch order is defined by the grid.
  2. Only grid when actually ready to launch. Otherwise leave the glider off the side of the runway.
  3. The training twin may push in occasionally, as it can’t queue in the grid while in the air. They will be avoiding circuit training and high tows during busy periods.
  4. If you’re not ready when the tow plane arrives, you’ll be pushed off to the side and have to go to the back of the grid.
  5. If really busy, avoid high tows to help speed up the launch for those behind you.


  1. You can pay for your tow before your flight, especially handy if you’re coming back late.
  2. Otherwise please remember to pay for your tow before you leave at the end of the day.

Have a great time out there!