XCSoar Files

Here are some sample files for use with XCSoar:


File Size 1KB   Download

Map file

File Size 9.30MB   Filename nzl_bothislands_highres.xcm   Download

Matamata way points

File Size 9KB   Filename matamata.cup   Download

NZ airspace files

File Size 152KB   Filename nz_airspace_2020.txt   Download

PGC tasks

PGC Club Tasks
File Size 5KB   Filename pgc_club_tasks.cup   Download

Presentation Notes

Notes from Zoom seminar held on 4 April 2020. Video at link
File Size 568KB   Filename xcsoar.pdf   Download

XCSoar profile

Example XCSoar profile by Dave Dennison, rename and copy into XCSoarData directory on your device
File Size 5KB   Filename dave_dennison.prf   Download