Fees & Prices

Fees effective June 2022.

Trial Flights & Gift Vouchers

See the trial flights page for prices and details.

Membership Fees - 2022 to 2023

Fee Class
Jul - Jan
Feb – Apr*
May – Jun*
Glider Pilot
Includes Gliding New Zealand affiliation
Glider Pilot - Excused Duty
Includes Gliding New Zealand affiliation. Pilot is not included on duty roster
Glider Pilot - 2nd club
Flying member who pays GNZ affiliation fee through another club
One or two adults plus Students/Youths living at the same address.
Glider pilot in full time study and less than 26 years of age as at 31 October
Glider pilot, not in full time study, less than 26 years of age as at 31 October
Tow Pilot
Tow pilot member; Includes Gliding New Zealand affiliation
Tow Pilot - 2nd club
Tow pilot member who pays GNZ affiliation fee through another club
Flying member granted Life Member status by Piako Gliding Club
Includes invitation to social events, and occasional non-solo flying
*For members first joining the club part way through the year. No part year subscriptions available.
**Includes GNZ affiliation fee and communication levies for one adult and one student.  Additional GNZ fees of $145 per adult and $65 per student for larger families.

Unlimited Flying Scheme

Prepay 15 hours of glider time and pay no more glider rental for the year. The only cheaper way to fly a glider is to steal it! 
This scheme runs for the year from 1st July to 30th June. No pro rata for part year and no refund available - join only if you think you will exceed 15 hours for the remainder of the year; otherwise the hourly rate will work out cheaper for you.
UFS does not include exclusive use of club gliders for contests or courses.
Cost is $1125 per year. May be paid in 3 instalments of $375 due by 20 July, 20 Aug & 20 Sep.

Payment Options for Annual Fees and UFS

  • By internet banking to BNZ 02-0360-0025367-000
    • Include your name and word SUBS or UFS in reference
  • By EFTPOS at the club
    • Select Piako Gliding Club, not Matamata Soaring Centre
    • Send an email to treasurer@glidingmatamata.co.nz with your name, date of payment, amount and what it is for.


Flying charges to be paid on the day at the club by cash or EFTPOS.
Credit cards, and debit cards issued by credit card companies, are not accepted.
Invoices for groups by prior arrangement with the club only.

Aerotowing Charges

Aerotow charge is $36.50 per 1,000 ft
Aerotow Height
1000 ft (circuit)

Double tow (not normally available) – each glider pays 75% of above fee.

Aero-retrieve or other use of club tow plane cost $450/hr. Retrieve at absolute discretion of the tow pilot.
Charges for aero-tows below are estimates only.
Wharepapa South
Te Kuiti
Te Kowhai


Winch Launch

Winch launches cost $25/launch.
Normally our trial flight vouchers are for aero-towing only. However, if guests are present on winch launching days, Trial flight winch launch costs $45/launch including club glider time (approximately 5mins). e.g. 2000 ft Trial flight is equivalent to 4 winch launches.

Club Gliders

  • Members’ rate for all club gliders is $75 / hour ($1.25/min)
  • No hourly charge for members who have joined the Unlimited Flying Scheme
  • No charge for youth members (<26yrs old) while flying twin gliders with an instructor. Normal members’ rates for solo flying.
  • Members may request the exclusive use of a club glider for an organised event, such as a competition or a training course. If approved by the committee, the member will pay $100 per flying day. There is no charge for days that are not flyable due to adverse weather. The Unlimited Flying Scheme does not include exclusive use of club gliders.

Youth Groups

We have a special place in our hearts for organised Youth Groups such as the ATC, Scouts, school groups and Young Eagles. To help foster the soaring spirit, Piako Gliding Club offers special rates for organised Youth Groups.
Please contact us to see if your group qualifies, and to make arrangements for your group. Note these prices may change at any time, call us to confirm costs.
Approximate Time
$40 / flight
4 to 5 mins
1000 ft aerotow
$65 / flight
4 to 5 mins
2000 ft aerotow
$130 / flight
15 to 20 mins


Miscellaneous Charges
Prices for drinks and nibbles posted at the bar. Contact us for prices of logbooks, pilot study training notes and club branded apparel.

Bunkhouse or campground accommodation may be arranged through Matamata Soaring Centre.