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All our club fees and prices. Updated June 2017.

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Club Membership Subscription Fees

Subscriptions for 2016/2017
Membership Type Sub Amount Code Reference
Glider Pilot  $460.00 19101 subs
Glider Pilot - 2nd club  $260.00 19101 subs
Glider Pilot - excused duty  $1,460.00 19101 subs
Family  $560.00 19102 subs
Youth/Student  $175.00 19104 subs
Life   $175.00 19103 subs
Tow Pilot  $265.00 19105 subs
Tow Pilot - 2nd club  $70.00 19105 subs
Associate with Magazine  $125.00 19106 subs
Associate  $50.00 19107 subs
Unlimited Flying Scheme      
Full Payment  $810.00 237 UFS
Installment 1 Due 20 July  $270.00 237 UFS1
Installment 2 Due 20 August  $270.00 237 UFS2
Installment 3 Due 20 September  $270.00 237 UFS3
Payment by cheque and internet banking only     
BNZ Bank A/C 02-0360-0025367-000  
Details required for subs payments      
Particulars   Code Reference
Name   as above subs
Details required for UFS payments      
Name   as above UFS


Types of Membership

Glider Pilot
Includes SoaringNZ and Gliding New Zealand affiliation
» Click here for list of prorated subscription fees and more details

Glider Pilot - 2nd club
Flying member who pays GNZ affiliation fee and NZ Soaring subscription through another club

Glider Pilot - Excused duty
Includes SoaringNZ and Gliding New Zealand affiliation. Pilot is not included on roster of instructor, tow pilot, or duty pilot

(includes SoaringNZ and Gliding New Zealand affiliation; this example is for 2 people; ask for larger family price)

Glider pilot in full time study and less than 26 years of age as at 1 July

Includes invitation to social events, and occasional non-solo flying (ie 2-3 times per year)
Associate with SoaringNZ
(includes SoaringNZ subscription, invitation to social events, and occasional non-solo flying (ie 2-3 times per year))
Tow Pilot (for non-gliding pilots)
Tow Pilot - 2nd Club (for non-gliding pilots)
Tow pilot member who pays GNZ affiliation fee and NZ Soaring subscription through another club

Glider Hire

Once a member of the club, the total cost of each flight is glider hire + tow price. If you join the "unlimited flying scheme" you only pay the tow price for each flight.

Item Cost
Glider hire. $54/hour
"Unlimited Flying Scheme".
Prepay 15 hours of glider time and pay no more glider rental for the year! The only cheaper way to fly a glider is to steal it!
Note: This scheme runs for the financial year (1st July to 30th June). No pro rata and no refund available - join only if you think you will exceed 15 hours for the remainder of the financial year; otherwise the hourly rate will work out cheaper for you.


Exclusive Use of Club Gliders

Members may request the exclusive use of a club glider for an organised event, such as a competition or a training course. If approved by the committee, the member will pay $40 per flying day. There is no charge for days that are not flyable due to adverse weather. The Unlimited Flying Scheme does not cover charges for exclusive use of club gliders.

Winch Launch Cost

Winch launches   $15.00 each

Aerotow Launch Costs

The most common tow heights are 2000 feet for a typical ridge or thermal flight, or 1000 feet for a circuit.

Tow Height (feet AGL) Cost
1000 $24
1500 $36
2000 $48
2500 $60
3000 $72
4000 $96
5000 $120
Double Towing Each glider pays 75% of normal tow fee

CNC Charges

CNC charges are only relevant if you land at an airfield away from Matamata.

CNC is charged out at $325 per hour based on tacho time, not time under tow.
Indicative charges for popular landouts are shown below.

Destination Distance Charge ($)
Spud Patch 21 km 95
Tokoroa 58 km 250
Wharepapa Sth 47 km 215
Te Kuiti 82 km 340
Te Kowhai 50 km 230
Mercer 78 km 330
Thames 66 km 280


Miscellaneous Charges

Updated June 2013 and subject to change.

Item Cost Location
Logbook   $35.00 Locked cabinet in radio room (see committee member)
Pilot Study Training Notes   $35.00 Locked cabinet in radio room (see committee member)
Borrowing item from club library   Free! Club Librarian
Bill Mace
GNZ Promotional video/DVD    Free Un-locked cabinet in committee room

Youth Group Rates

We have a special place in our hearts for organised Youth Groups such as the ATC, Scouts, and Young Eagles. To help foster the soaring spirit, Piako Gliding Club offers special rates for organised Youth Groups.

Tow Height (feet AGL) Cost (includes launch and glider time) Approximate Time
Winch $25 4-5 minutes
1000 $40 4-5 minutes
1200 $50 5-6 minutes
1500 $65 6-10 minutes
2000 $80 15-20 minutes

Please call to see if your group qualifies, and to make arrangements for your group. Note these prices may change at any time, call us to confirm costs.

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