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Bookings for Wednesday 17th Apr 24

Day Notes

Flying from 11am
Youth glide mini camp
Steve Care on winch
Winch Operating
Aerotow Not Available
username: glidingmatamata password: pobox100

7 Existing Bookings

11:30AM, Trial Flight, 2000', Murray Peachey, 0210783521
12:00PM, GPK, Rainer Kunnemeyer, check flight, Circuits, 021 910 185
12:30PM, GNI, Brett Slater, 3 hours task, 0212446080
1:00PM, Any Dual, Steve T, 1 hour, 0272779918
1:00PM, Winch, Royden Hooker PK, 0274597359
1:30PM, GEO, Stacey Hart, Circuits, 0211091218
2:00PM, GPK, Nick Odom, 1 hour, 021498961 (Maybe)


Instructor 1 Sarel Venter 0210 282 5879
Instructor 2 Derek Shipley 022 092 6101


Tow Pilot
Duty Pilot Genny Care 021 973167

Sorry online bookings can not be added on the day.

You are still welcome to fly, please contact an instructor or the duty pilot on the left by mobile to arrange a time.

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