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Bookings for Saturday 18th Jan 20

Day Notes

Mtm with Walsh. No pre QGP solo esp if radio incomplete. Flying from 11am
NI unavailable, radio not working
Sorry, no trial flights or gift voucher flights available today
Aerotow Available
username: glidingmatamata password: pobox100

6 Existing Bookings

12:00PM, Tow, Sarel Venter, (Maybe)
12:30PM, Tow, David Jensen, (Maybe)
12:30PM, Tow, david johnson, (Maybe)
12:30PM, Tow, david johnson, (Maybe)
2:00PM, GXP, Mark Shrimpton, 2 hours, (Maybe)
2:30PM, Any Dual, Patrick Lalor, 1 hour, (Maybe)


Instructor 1 Norman Duke 021 828754
Instructor 2 Sarel Venter 0210 282 5879


Tow Pilot Scott Montagu 022 472 2007
Duty Pilot Will Kamp 021 2050226

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