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Bookings for Sunday 20th Oct 19

Day Notes

Flying from 11am
Aerotow Available
username: glidingmatamata password: pobox100

3 Existing Bookings

12:00PM, Trial Flight, 3000', Rainer Kunnemeyer for Anna Crook, 021910185
1:00PM, Tow, Derek Shipley, 0220926101
1:00PM, Any Dual, Greg Wills, 1 hour, 021896585


Instructor 1 Rainer Kunnemeyer (021) 910 185
Instructor 2


Tow Pilot Paul Waterhouse 021 743033
Duty Pilot Will Kamp 021 2050226

Sorry online bookings can not be added on the day.

You are still welcome to fly, please contact an instructor or the duty pilot on the left by mobile to arrange a time.

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