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Bookings for Saturday 18th Aug 18

Day Notes

Instructors Mtg 9.30am
Flying from 11am
Aerotow Available
username: glidingmatamata password: pobox100

8 Existing Bookings

11:00AM, Tow, Norman Duke,
11:30AM, Any Dual, Mark Shrimpton, 1 hour BFR,
11:30AM, Any Dual, Mark Shrimpton, 1 hour BFR,
12:00PM, Tow, David Jensen, (Maybe)
12:00PM, Tow, Brett, (Maybe)
12:00PM, GXP, Neil Raymond, 2 hours,
12:30PM, Any Dual, Chase Cahalane, 1 hour,
1:30PM, Any Dual, Patrick Lalor, 1 hour,


Instructor 1 Bob Gray (021) 949 145
Instructor 2


Tow Pilot Tony Davies (027) 221 6398
Duty Pilot Bryan O'Brien 0274 878 215

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Low level helicopter survey around Matamata Jan and Feb 2019
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