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Bookings for Wednesday 6th Sep 17

Day Notes

Gliding is cancelled for today, Wednesday. Friday is looking better and Ralph is available to instruct. Tow pilot arranged.
Aerotow Available
Flying Cancelled due to weather. Friday 8 Sep 17 is scheduled as the weather window looks more promising. Book now!
username: glidingmatamata password: pobox100

4 Existing Bookings

12:00PM, GEO, Malcolm Piggott, 1 hour,
12:30PM, Tow, Sarel Venter,
12:30PM, GSN, Royden Hooker, 1 hour,
1:00PM, GEO, Genny Healey, 1 hour,


Instructor 1 Ralph Gore (027) 485 0797
Instructor 2


Tow Pilot Iggy Wood 021 750151
Duty Pilot

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