Learn-to-Fly Course

The Learn-to-Fly gliding course is a 6 day course (usually over 6 Saturdays) intended to teach absolute beginners how to safely fly a glider. No experience is necessary, although we recommend taking a trial flight first to get a good taste of what's involved.

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Who can do this?

Almost anyone from the age of 16-60, less than 110Kg, and in good health is able to learn to fly.  If you don't fit those criteria (except for the weight) and feel you are capable of flying a glider then get in touch with us anyway. The medical requirements for gliding are less restrictive than those for a Private Pilots License for general aviation powered aircraft, you will need to pass a basic medical check by your own GP prior to going solo.

What is involved?

The Learn-to-Fly course covers three main areas:

  1. Flying exercises, that teach basic glider controls, how to take off and land, and how to fly locally around our airfield. We spend as much time as possible actually flying.
  2. Classroom based lectures and theory, with simple which covers the important need to know stuff.
  3. Learn how to preparing the gliders for flight and how to handle them on the ground.
The eventual goal of this first course is a solo flight, and many students accomplish this at the end, or soon after, the 6 days of training.

About the instructors

As we are a non-profit organisation, the instructors generously volunteer huge amounts of time to prepare the courses and actually instruct them. All our instructors have many years of gliding and flying experience.
Each course usually has 4 students shared between 2 instructors and our 2 two-seat gliders.

Costs involved

The Learn-to-Fly Course are to be determined, plus your flying costs (launch costs and glider time) which is about $100-$140/day. For detailed prices see the fees page.

What you get

  • Membership in the Piako Gliding Club for the financial year
  • Glider Pilot logbook to record your training
  • Launch and glider hire at club rates
  • High quality training including hands-on and classroom theory
  • Small class size and intensive training experience

Next course and more information

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