On the Airfield - Map & Instructions

Here you'll find instructions and a map that shows where we'll be on the airfield, and how to drive around safely.

Once you get to the airfield, come in the entrance and follow the paved road around to the hangars. If it's early we may be getting the gliders out of the hangar, feel free to park and come say hello.

More likely we've already set up our caravan base somewhere on the field. Our location depends on the wind direction, but are usually in position 1 or position 2.

You can drive your car to the caravan, be sure to follow the following rules:

  • Put your hazard lights/blinkers on while driving on the field.
  • Watch out for aircraft at all times, it's a busy airfield, with planes, helicopters, parachutists and gliders landing, taking off, refuelling, and taxing around the field.
  • Follow the red dotted lines, keep well to the side of the airfield.
  • If parachutists are operating, drive around their landing zone, and if you can see some jumpers away, wait for them to land.
  • If crossing the field, stop, look and wait for aircraft landing or taking off.
  • Park behind the caravan, and next to the other cars.

At the caravan ask for the 'duty pilot', who is the person organising the day. There will also be an instructor, who might be up flying. Toilets are available in our clubrooms.

Have fun, and if you have any questions just ask anyone around.