Friends of the Club

Become a friend of Piako Gliding Club to keep in touch, and enjoy a social relationship with the club.

As a friend of Piako Gliding Club, you'll go on the club mailing list and Flypaper newsletter so you'll always know what's happening around the club.

Friends of PGC are also invited to all club activities, both flying operations and social occasions.

You're also entitled to two flights a year at specific times or on special occasions at our club rates.

Friends of the PGC have no voting rights and are not able to hold positions on the committee unless they become full members. To become full members they will need to go through the same channels as everyone else. That is there are no special rights in this regard associated with being a friend of the club.

Privileges may be withdrawn by the committee from the friend of the PGC at any time and for whatever reason. In such an instance a prorata refund will be offered.