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GXP - Discus B

The Schempp-Hirth Discus B is a modern single seat aircraft. It can be loaded up with water for competition flying, and is the fastest most efficient flying glider in the fleet.

Briefing Notes for XP

File Size 69KB   Filename briefing_xp.doc   Download

GXP Discus Flight Manual

File Size 2.61MB   Filename gxp_discus_a_b-1.pdf   Download

Handling Notes for XP

File Size 79KB   Filename handling_notes_xp.doc   Download

SDI C4 Competition glide computer Manual v3.01

This is the version of the C4 that is in GXP.
File Size 3.03MB   Filename c4_competition_manual_ver_3.01.pdf   Download

SDI C4 Competition glide computer Manual v4

NOTE This is a different version of the C4 from what's in XP. Operation manual for the SDI C4 Competition glide computer. Study this before you fly, DO NOT try to figure it out when you are flying. The C4 is similar to a Cambridge LNAV but a little more advanced and easier to follow (unless you already have an LNAV. Take some time studying and take some notes before you use the computer.
File Size 767KB   Filename sdi_c4_competion.pdf   Download


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