Covid-19 Procedures

Covid-19 Alert Level Procedures

PGC Covid Vaccination Policy

Adopted by PGC Committee 17 Nov 2021

All Piako Gliding Club members and visitors to the Club who are participating in Club activities (which includes all flying operations, maintenance on Club assets, social gatherings, training sessions, and working bees) shall be fully vaccinated in accordance with applicable government guidance.  Evidence of your vaccination status must be available to the Duty Instructor or Club official if asked for.  Authorised exemptions from vaccination are accepted provided they comply with government regulations. This policy shall apply at Matamata airfield and any other site where the Club may be operating.


Covid 19 Protection Framework Procedures

Version 2  - 8 December 2021


  • Anyone with potential Covid symptoms must stay away.
  • Everyone must record visit to the club using the government COVID-19 tracer app.
  • Wash/slash sanitise hands and surfaces:
    • After setting up operations and throughout the day as often as practical
    • Wipe controls and surfaces of club gliders before each pilot.
    • NOTE sanitiser/wipes must not be in contact with canopies.
    • Before and after using eftpos
  • All members and visitors must be fully vaccinated unless they have government exemption.  Vaccination certificates must be available to duty instructor or club officials on request.
  • Other measures may be required from time to time according to local conditions as advised by government officials.


  • No further restrictions.


  • No further restrictions.·       
  • Face coverings encouraged indoors


  • Events limited to 100 people.
  • 1m distancing in clubhouse and caravan
  • Face coverings encouraged indoors.
  • Facemasks to be worn in twin gliders unless both pilots agree to omit them.  If your co-pilot is wearing a mask, just put yours on as well.